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North Rim Scholarship Program


North Rim Leadership Academy was created to help thousands of parents deal with the issues revolving around their "troubled teens".  North Rim is an early-early intervention program, designed to be a "wake up call" for the child who is just beginning to show the early signs of rebellion.  The parents who partner with North Rim are intelligent parents who are attempting to avoid the devastating effects of teenage rebellion.  Essentially, these parents want to "nip it in the bud" before things spin totally out of control.
challenge your teen to growMore importantly, North Rim Leadership Academy wishes to provide a powerful but affordable option.  It is extremely expensive to run and operate a school or program for troubled teens.  In order to present a safe and effective program, program operators must be willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per month on salaries alone.  These high costs are passed on to the parent in the form of tuition.  The tuition rates for schools and programs for troubled teens range anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 per month.  At North Rim, we wish to provide an alternative program at an affordable rate. Our goal is to help the parent to avoid having to place their child into a long term boarding school for troubled teens.  Moreover, our goal is to help the parent save hundreds of thousands of dollars, and years of heart ache.
In addition, our desire is to never to turn away a family just because they cant afford our low cost program.  Our dedication to the child and family, and to our calling, causes us to go out and find ways to help all families, regardless of their income.  Therefore, North Rim Leadership Academy does have a limited ability to offer scholarships to worthy families.  Please contact our Admissions Director, Wendy Riddle (505-391-8078) and ask about the scholarship program.


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